Our products are listed as special products for
government procurement by many provinces & cities in China.

Anhui Jiaying Brushing Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the "China Brush Industry Base" at the foot of Tianzhu Mountain in the national "AAAAA"-level scenic spot--"Anhui Yuantan Economic Development Zone"; G50 Humin Expressway and G35 Jiguang Expressway pass by The National Highway 318 and the National Highway 105 are winding around the city. The environment is beautiful and the traffic is very convenient. It is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise integrating sanitation brush, industrial brush research and development, production and sales services. The company continues to rely on scientific and technological progress, innovation and development, sales and sales of various types of disc brushes, roller brushes and buckles, etc. The products are characterized by wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, antistatic, etc., suitable for glass mirrors, coated lighting, LCD LCD, LTO, PCB, textile, circuit board, food, cigarette, pharmaceutical, electronics, leather, footwear, wood, car and boat manufacturing industries, cleaning, dust removal, polishing, strip conveying at high temperatures, rough surface treatment, oxide scale Removal, surface cleaning, municipal roads, road works and other cleaning areas such as urban roads, new rural construction road cleaning, snow removal, large public places cleaning, etc. The sanitation sweeping industry and so on. The company firmly establishes the concept that quality is life, professional, concentrated, and focused on the development of the brush industry. It has special brushing equipment and professional technicians. The products are listed as special products for government procurement by many provinces and cities in China, and the products are exported to Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Countries such as Europe and the United States.




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